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A Premium Loafer Shoe Brand

For Father & Son

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For Father & Son

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A loafer shoe with a moccasins sole made with quality, Peruvian leather.

Handcrafted in nubuck or gumi leather

loafers are typically shoes without laces, but they also come with harder soles. Moccasins, on the other hand, have laces but softer soles that make them easier to fit and comfortable to wear.

Mockas strikes the perfect balance between a loafer look and moccasins comfort, which makes it the perfect shoe to wear to every type of occasion.

The LUCA Collection

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have never worn a pair of shoes as versatile as my Mockas. I never feel out of place wearing them to work, around town running errands, or out at the bar. Even after wearing them all day they feel as comfortable as when I first put them on right out of the box.

Jeff N.

I love the versatility of these shoes; I can wear them to work on a casual day, on a night out with jeans, or with nice shorts on the weekend.

Gustavo G.

The more I wear them, the more comfortable they seem to get!

Danny G.

I always get at least one person asking me about them every time I wear them out.

Sammy D.

I love my Mockas!

Michael E.

They look and feel great!

James P.